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18,000,000 Volt Trigger Stun Gun to the Rescue

The young lady walked towards her car in the dimly-lit parking lot, shining light ahead of her. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind. The attacker’s left hand over her mouth, she could not scream.

She raised her Trigger Stun Gun upwards, shining the the light at the attacker, who was deterred only briefly. She then put her Trigger Stun Gun on the attacker and squeezed the trigger; the mugger went down, losing control of his neurological and muscular systems temporarily. The woman was able to call police, and the culprit was arrested.

The stun gun’s high 18,000,000 voltage and low amperage disable attackers for several minutes, causing no permanent harm, and the current cannot go into your body. Self-defense products like the Trigger Stun Gun save lives more than you might realize. And, they’re non-lethal!

What would you do in a similar situation?

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