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What are Personal Alarms and How They Can Help You

Those who travel along, whether for work or pleasure, often find that keeping a personal alarm handy is a godsend. Crime rates all over the world are rising, and personal alarms are inexpensive items for your protection.

Personal alarms are designed to confound and scare away an attacker so that you can escape the area to find safety. The alarms emit a very loud sound to draw attention to yourself. Attackers are less likely to stick around when an alarm goes off. Typically, the sound is around 120-130 decibels. This should make it heard over heavy traffic.

There are different types of alarms, most battery-powered. Many have key rings attached. There is also the Nap Alarm, which is designed to help those who may nod off at inopportune times, e.g. while driving.

Personal alarms are very effective, for the most part, but they are passive devices that don’t disable your attacker. If the assailant takes off, it has done its job. Many keep pepper spray or stun guns as a second line of defense. They can be activated when the perpetrator hesitates upon hearing the alarm.

Though they are godsends to anyone, they can especially helpful for seniors and the disabled. There are even child leash armbands that act as alarms!

All-in-all, personal alarms can be invaluable and inexpensive insurance for your safety.

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