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A Small Stun Gun for Self-Defense

The concept of stun guns has been around for decades. Early on, they were quite primitive by today’s standards. Now, they come in many styles and sizes.

Many are confused by the wide variety and price range. You may wonder if cheap stun guns work.

Stun guns are non-lethal weapons designed to disable or scare off an attacker so that you can escape and get help. When they are activated while making contact with the culprit, their muscles lose control by depleting the body’s blood sugar levels.

Most stun guns now have built-in flashlights, so that an individual can be holding the stun gun and shining light while walking or jogging in darker areas.

Increased interest in stun guns and advances in technology have driven the price of these tools. An inexpensive small stun gun like the Lil Guy is one example that is quite effective.

Its size may not be noticed by an attacker until it is used, and the Lil Guy packs 12,000,000 volts and has a built-in flashlight. It measures only 3 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/4″. A built-in retractable charger makes it easy to charge it when necessary.

This is as good a small stun gun for self-defense as there is available today, and it comes with a lifetime warranty! The Lil Guy us available in 7 colors: black, pink, purple, red, blue, green, and animal print.

Be safe!

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