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Are Hidden Cameras Effective?

Surveillance systems and hidden cameras are becoming more and more popular. They are rapidly becoming a necessity. None of us really know how many times we’ve been captured by cameras. When we’re in public, we’re open game, but it is for the benefit of those using the cameras.

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When we are driving, it is not unusual to be cut off by another vehicle. Unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, the driver in front is given the benefit, and the driver behind is charged with an infraction, which can cost a fine, loss of driving privileges and increased insurance rates. Dash cameras will show who is a fault; they can save you a lot of money, time and headaches.

Other options exist, too. There are pens disguised as cameras; they can also be hidden in other commonplace items, like watches.

Whatever, or whoever, you want to protect, you can find ways to act on your fears and needs.

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