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Are Stun Guns Reliable?

I’m often asked if stun guns really are reliable.


Recently, in Icklerville, New Jersey, Judith Asber went to another woman’s home and stabbed her. Police used a stun gun to subdue her.

In Kanawha County, West Virginia, police used a stun gun on a burglar who tried to take away the stun gun.

In Regina, Oregon, a man was found destroying property with a rebar. He also swung the rebar at police and broke a windshield. Police needed to use a stun gun to bring the culprit under control.

In Portland, Oregon, Matthew Joseph Medlin tried to break into a snack shop and fled to a nearby food store. Police found him in a storeroom and were able to arrest him, first subduing him with a stun gun.

Police departments are increasingly relying on stun guns as a non-lethal method of bringing suspects under control. As you can see, they use them successfully and have come to trust them.

If police, who are brought into harm’s way much more than the average person, trust them, shouldn’t you? Stun guns are reliable.

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