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Can You Prove You’ve Been Victimized?

We’ve all seen footage recently of various criminal acts carried out on the innocent, as well as overkill on some. It seems amazing that some bad people are oblivious to the presence of cell phones, which have become indispensable for many, if not most, people. Both police and private citizens have been caught acting outrageously.

What happens if you are in or near a bad situation and your phone is not with you or needs charging? Other products are available that are not as easily distinguishable as hidden cameras. A miscreant who is wary of cell phones might be more dangerous if he (or she!) does not see them.

Many drive for a living, especially with the rise in rideshare services. One obvious and popular choice is a dash camera. Many can pick up action both in front of and behind you. If cut off by another driver, your dash cam can save you money and heartache by proving you were cut off and didn’t rear end the other. One less obvious resource is a rear view mirror camera. It picks up audio as well as action in front of and behind you.

Other items can be worn by you, such as hidden camera pens, crosses, ties and glasses.

What you decide to use should be adapted to you or the loved one who is using it.

You and your loved ones deserve to be protected from those with evil on their minds.

You can prove you’ve been victimized!

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