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Do Dash Cameras Work?

You’re a good driver, but you worry about the other guy. What happens if he jumps in front of you and causes an accident? Courts tend to side with the driver in front, unless there are eyewitnesses who will take the time to back you up. It’s not always a driver, either. Careless bicyclers and pedestrians cause accidents, too. If you live in certain areas, animals can be a problem, too. Over the years, I’ve been hit 4 times by deer; three of them required body work.

Dash cameras, usually called just “dash cams”, do work. They record action non-stop to prove fault in case of an accident. Experts recommend ones with at least 780 pixels. Ours has 1080 pixels! They have become so popular that they have become really inexpensive insurance. Many who drive as part of their livelihood use them, e.g. policemen, taxi and rideshare (Uber and Lyft) drivers, bus and limo drivers, etc.

There are at least four reasons to employ these handy devices:

  1. Dash cams provide evidence of accidents.
  2. They provide protection against corrupt police officers (though a distinct minority, some will create bogus traffic tickets).
  3. There are videos of pedestrians who have tried to fake being hit by a driver.
  4. Personal enjoyment! If the camera is rolling as you drive through a scenic area, you have evidence of your experience.

Our dash camera has the following features:

  1. Front camera; 1080P 30fps
  2. HDMI output
  3. Built-in Lithium rechargeable battery
  4. 3.0 Mega pixels, HD high quality resolution
  5. 170 degree ultra-wide angle lens
  6. Motion detection function
  7. 30 frames per second for smooth video flow
  8. Loop recording or will stop when storage is full
  9. Display screen: 2.31″ LCD
  10. Video format: AVI

The DVR comes with a 32GB SD card which will record over 6 hours video footage in H.264 format. Also, when you are away from your vehicle and it is hit or moved, the camera will start to automatically record for 30 seconds.

Do dash cameras work? You bet they do!

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