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Do Dummy Cameras Work?

As you no doubt realize, security cameras are an excellent way to watch people and catch criminals in the act. At times, dummy, or fake, cameras also do a good job protecting your property at a lower cost.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use real cameras. They really are necessary for large businesses that handle large amounts of money. For smaller businesses, as well as homeowners, dummy cameras can be a cheap solution to protect one’s property.

What are Dummy Cameras?

Dummy cameras look like real cameras, but they do not record anything, and they cost considerably less than the real deal.

Fake cameras may have flashing lights, motion sensors and the ability to move to make it appear it is tracking the person sensed. No video is recorded. Their sole purpose is to fool criminals.

What are Your Options?

Not all dummy cameras will fool people; they must appear real to work. They must also be set up in a place that will get the results you want.

Those with motion sensors can be a powerful aid when the bad guy notices the camera moving when he does.

Fake cameras with flashing lights are also effective. They can work in concert with LEDs and motion sensors.

Where Should You Put Fake Cameras?

Small businesses should put cameras near the building where they will be seen.

A warehouse that has more space might put several, spaced apart so they cover all angles.

And, yes, they can be combined with real cameras, too. The real ones would be put in more critical spots.

Though not your main tool for security, dummy cameras can work as an accessory security item.


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