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Do You Ever Lose Your Keys?

Do you ever lose your keys? This is not unusual, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyles, and keys aren’t the only things we misplace.

The Safe Family Life Key Finder is an excellent, handy device that can help you keep track of items you misplace on a regular basis.

This convenient, easy-to-use device is attached to a set of keys or other item. If you need to find it, just press a button on a small credit card type transmitter, and the Safe Family Life Key Finder will sound a beeping alarm for four seconds.

It detects signals from up to 50 feet away, even if hidden under something, e.g. pillows or seat cushions. The radio frequency penetrates walls, cushions, leather, pillows, and its 90dB sound is heard very easily.

This super-handy tool comes with a transmitter and 2 key fob receivers, and batteries are included. Batteries should last a year, depending on use. It’s a good idea to test it every week or so.


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