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Does Rob Gronkowski Need a Surveillance System?

You may have heard that New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski’s home was robbed during the Super Bowl. It remains to be seen what kind of security he had at his home. It’s not clear yet what he lost, but there are uncorroborated reports that two safes and three guns are missing.,

There is visual evidence of spiked fencing around the residence, and that a security system was present. No word on what kind of system. One would hope he had a surveillance system, but we shall see. It was also reported that he had two roommates, but nothing on their location during the robbery. Of course, some have speculated that it could have been an inside job. Nevertheless, it may be premature to do so.

A high-profile individual like Mr. Gronkowski is easily targeted; most everyone knew where he was when his home was burgled. All of us face the prospect of property loss. Being proactive can eliminate many problems. Is your home as secure as it can be?

Meanwhile, let’s hope that police find the culprit(s).

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