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How an 8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool Came to the Rescue

The man received an 8-N-1 auto emergency tool for Christmas. Skeptical at first, he started reading about all it can do.

His Jeep had been souped up, because he did a lot of 4-wheeling and sometimes drove in deep water.

As he was preparing to go 4-wheeling, he thought that maybe it could come in handy, so he put it in his glove compartment, so that he had a flashlight if it got dark.

None of his buddies had one, so he made sure that they knew he had it in case anyone needed it. He pointed out to them that it wasn’t just a flashlight; there was a flashing red light to signal in case of emergency. It had a seat belt cutter, too. He’d heard of them, but he had never checked them out. This was also true of the built-on hammer that could break glass.

It also had a cell phone charger that also charged the internal battery. Very handy! A magnet on the bottom also allowed you to mount it to your vehicle.

When they arrived at the park, the manager informed them that it had rained quite a bit the day before. They still proceeded into the park and went to the toughest area to drive.

Things started out well for them, but then they ran into an area of muddy ground. As they went in farther and farther, it got worse. He rolled up his windows and kept going, only to get into spot too deep. His huge tires kept spinning, unable to gain any traction. Water started coming in his doors.

He decided he had to get out, but the door would not open, and he could not unfasten his seat belt. He opened the glove box and retrieved the 8-N-1 tool and quickly cut the seat belt. Using the hammer part, he broke the window and was able to escape.

Fortunately, his pals hadn’t been as foolish as he in advancing into the mire.

Even more fortunately, he had the 8-N-1 Powerbank Auto Safety Tool with him.


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