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How Hidden Cameras Can Help Prevent and Solve Crime

The couple was driving on a surface highway to avoid paying turnpike fees. Suddenly, they heard a siren and the male driver saw blue lights flashing in his rear view mirror. They pulled over, waiting for the policeman to pass. Instead, he pulled behind their car and stopped.

When the officer came to his window, the driver asked, “What’s the problem, officer?”

“I’ll ask the questions here. I need your license, registration and insurance. You’ve got some unusual sunglasses there.”

The driver complied. The woman sitting beside him looked worried, playing with a cross on a pendant. They looked at each other as the cop went back to his cruiser.

The policeman returned, handed the man’s documents back and said, “You were driving mighty erratically back there. You have a problem?”

“No officer, I don’t know what you mean. Are you sure it wasn’t someone else?”

“No, it wasn’t. This is a summons to appear in court. You have out-of-state registration, so you’ll have to post bond.”

“I think you’re very mistaken officer. How do I protest this?”

“You’ll have your day in court. Meanwhile, do you have a motor club arrest bond of any sort, or do you want to pay by yourself.”

“I’ll pay.”

After taking care of the bond, the officer, “Oh, and don’t think you can go get a dash cam to show good driving. We have techs who can tell when the film was made.”

Two days later, the policeman was called to return to headquarters during his shift. When he arrived, the couple was there with his superior.

“What’s going on boss?”

“We have a problem. It appears you’ve been shaking down innocent motorists, and this couple has the evidence. We have audio and 2 videos of your shakedown.

“I hate to say this, but you’re under arrest. Anything you say . . .”

“Yeah, I know. I want a lawyer.”

As it turned out, the unusual sunglasses worn by the driver were High End 1080P Hidden Camera Sunglasses, and the lady’s cross was a Cross Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR. He also had a Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function.

The lack of a dash cam or obvious cell phone put the dirty cop at ease, enabling him to proceed with his scam. Interstate cooperation allowed them to use police from a nearby state to stop him.


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