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Kubotans are an Effective Self-Defense Tool

The kubotan key chain is gaining more attention for self-defense in close quarter situations. It can gripped in your hand with only the key chain portion exposed, making an attacker unwary that you have protection. As they are easily concealed, they are especially useful for women, and they can be used against more than one attacker in some situations.

Kubotans were invented by Soke Takayuki Kubota in the 1960s, based on a bamboo weapon called a hashi stick. They were then introduced to California by a state senator who trained female police officers in its use.

This tool can be used to control or restrain your attacker, as well as be used as a striking tool. It can also enhance one’s punching power or anchor onto an assailant. Areas to strike the other person include the eyes, groin, temple, throat, solar plexus or any other joint or pressure point.

The kubotan is most effective as a self-defense tool when one has practiced using it. There are classes in some areas, as well as YouTube videos available.

Kubotans are very inexpensive and can be a very worthwhile addition to your self-protection arsenal.

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