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My Multi-Function Combination Tool Card Saves the Day

I was out in the woods and tripped over a low-lying vine. Propelled forward, I extended my arms to break my fall, and my left hand caught the side of a branch. When I brushed myself off, I realized I had a couple splinters in the hand. I had no trouble getting one out, but the other was a problem. Then, I remembered that I had my multi-function combination tool card with me. I had a little trouble with with the tweezers. My progressive lenses don’t seem to help much for fine work, so I used the magnifying glass portion in concert with the toothpick to get the splinter moving until the tweezers were able to finish pulling it out. In addition to tweezers, toothpick and magnifying glass, the tool has a 2 inch serrated blade, 3/8 inch wrench,┬ácan/bottle opener, awl, inch and centimeter rulers and a flat-head screwdriver. It’s compact and easy to stow.

My day was saved by my Multi-Function Combination Tool!

This isn’t the only neat little gadget that comes in handy at times. I have a multi-function survival business card that also has a number of built-in tools. I usually drink water, unsweet tea or black coffee, but I stopped at a convenience store thinking I might get something else. They had Mexican Coca-Cola in bottles. Great! No fructose! When I started to remove the cap, I discovered it required a can opener. The clerk said he didn’t have one. I had my survival business card with me, and a bottle opener is one of its functions. Problem solved.

Another handy tool is the credit card knife that fits into a credit card slot in your wallet. When needed, it folds out and is bolstered by the rest of the card to form a sharp working knife.

The pocket lantern is another multi-tool. Also the size of a credit card, it has the following tools: lanyard, flat-head screwdriver, line cutter, 5 cm ruler, mini flat-head screwdriver, mini Philips screwdriver, 2 inch ruler and a pop-up LED light. The light is in the shape of a lantern, and flipping it up activates the light.

How are you equipped for emergencies?


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