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Pepper Spray for Bear Attacks

Winter is finally breaking (I think). You will probably  be spending  more time outdoors as the weather gets better and better. There are always precautions to take when enjoying Mother Nature.

One thing to watch for is bears. They have awakened from their long Winter naps. What happens when you encounter one in its natural habitat?

Stay calm and assess the situation. If you are not too close, back away from its sight slowly; do not attract attention to yourself.

If it sees you and moves toward you, remain calm. Bears often just want to scare you away. Move away from the bear. You may want to climb a tree, if you’re able. You’ll need to climb 30 feet or more, as bears can climb, too.

If the bear still doesn’t go away, remain cool. Talking to it in a calm voice may help. Don’t act like a nut. Sometimes banging sticks together spooks them.

If the bear remains menacing, get out your bear pepper spray and spray it. Guard Alaska Bear Spray sprays 15-20 feet away. It is the only one registered with the EPA as effective for all species of bear. It is also endorsed by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation. Be prepared by reading the directions before you venture into the wild.

To be prepared, it must be available when needed. There is a holster that can be used, so that you are able to defend yourself at a moment’s notice.

If you happen upon a cub, remember that the mama  bear is nearby. Don’t approach it, no matter how cute it is.

Some things to take into consideration are:

  1. Grizzly bears are much more likely to attack than black bears
  2. Two-thirds of people were hiking when attacked.
  3. 16 percent of people were actually working when attacked.
  4. Bears that are alone attack much more often than females with cubs.
  5. A third of bear attacks occur when the bear is startled.

All-in-all, your chance of being attacked is small. Nevertheless, if you are in a situation that makes it more likely, it is wise to be prepared. You want to have fond memories of your outing.

Mace also makes a pepper spray for bear attacks. Mace Bearspray has a range of 30 feet.

It should not necessary to say it, but Do Not Feed the Bears!

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