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Pepper Spray Used in a Real-Life Situation

Video surveillance of a shooting at Seattle Pacific University revealed a student subduing the shooter by spraying him with pepper spray, then taking away his shotgun.

DVDs of the 5 June 2014 shooting were released, and a three minute clip reveals 27 year old Aaron Ybarra being taken down by Jon Meis. Ybarra had killed one student and injured two others.

The clip shows Ybarra enter Otto Miller Hall on Seattle Pacific University’s campus, carrying a shotgun. Nobody paid attention to him until a female student, who had come a set of stairs, is fired upon. She paused, then ran up the stairs. Two students who were studying in the room also ran away.

As the shot woman fled, student Jon Meis ran into the lobby, carrying pepper spray, which he used on Ybarra. Meis falls down and they wrestled, and Meis disarmed Ybarra, securing the shotgun in another room.

Suffering from the effects of pepper spray, Ybarra rolled around on the floor. comes back to restrain him, and the shooter tried to pull out a knife. Another student came onto the scene and kicked the knife away.

It was discovered the shooter had already killed one student outside Otto Miller Hall before entering the building; another was injured.

For his actions, the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation chose Mr. Meis as one of three to  be honored in its 2015 Citizen Honors Program.

Aaron Ybarra was sentenced to 112 years in prison.

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