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Police Trust Pepper Spray as Effective- Wildfire Brand is Tops!

A Mantua, Ohio, police officer just had to use pepper spray to subdue a belligerent man while he tried to arrest his girlfriend. He noticed a woman who he knew had an outstanding warrant from an adjoining county. He went into the high school, and her boyfriend stepped in front of her to prevent her arrest. The officer ended the altercation by using pepper spray on the belligerent. Unfortunately, the woman ran and is still at large.

Last month, a melee broke out at Palm Beach Lakes High School in Florida. Police had to use pepper spray to halt the brawls, taking two women into custody.

Using pepper spray, the police did not need to use stronger arms. If police use and trust it, perhaps you should consider having it at your disposal. Wildfire Pepper Spray is probably the most cost-effective brand you’ll find. Another highly-touted brand is slightly less potent, containing 17% oleoresin capsicum (OC); Wildfire contains 18% and costs a bit less than the other brand.

Pepper spray is a non-lethal (self-defense) weapon that causes tears in the eyes, temporary blindness and shortness of breath. OC is made from hot peppers.

Wildfire, the hottest pepper spray, is an excellent and effective choice!

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