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Police Use Non-Lethal Self-Defense; Should You Use It, Too?

In December, police in Hebron, Ohio, used a Taser on an uncooperative driver. Last week, Williamson, West Virginia, officers had to use pepper spray on a man who resisted arrest. and police in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, had to use a stun gun on another who resisted; police in Arnold, Missouri, also used a stun gun against a culprit. A Titusville, Florida, a man had to be subdued by a Taser after purposely ramming into a woman’s vehicle. Tonawanda, New York, police also used a Taser on one who was fighting them.

It seems as if we hear about similar incidents all the time. Police have a tough job and must be prepared to deal with very bad people. They carry guns, but they aren’t using them as the first line of defense. Non-lethal defense is increasingly common; we prefer that lives are not lost if it is not necessary.

It is easy to dismiss non-lethal self-defense if you have a firearm, but, if you do use it, you’d better be prepared to pay for a lawyer. More and more believe non-lethal weapons should be used as your first line of self-defense; most police agree. You can carry one many places you can’t take a gun; this alone makes it handier. Also, many, though certainly not all, women are very reluctant to use a gun; they’re much less reluctant to use non-lethal weapons.

Stun guns and pepper spray aren’t your only options. Super-bright flashlights, kubotan key chains, knives (especially concealed knives) and alarms are other choices one might make.

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