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Self-Defense Flashlights

You’ve probably seen the ads touting super-bright flashlights for self-defense. They blind an attacker, allowing the potential victim escape or get an edge on the assailant. You read through the ad or spend some time watching  a video. Then, you are informed you must pay shipping and handling for the completely free flashlight, which they claim retails for $60 or more; sometimes they want you to piggyback another item with your free flashlight.

If they mention the light’s intensity, it’s typically 1000 lumens, which is enough to do the job. Some have a crenulated end that can tear soft flesh.

There is a 1200 Lumen LED Zoomable Flashlight that will pinpoint your  beam. At 50 feet it can zoom from a 30 foot beam down to a 6 foot beam. It has a blinding strobe to disorient an attacker plus an SOS setting for signaling. It’s little brother, the 500 Lumen LED Zoomable Flashlight is similar. 500 lumens is less power, but it is plenty to do the job. Some like it because it is small enough to be hidden easily in one’s hand; it measures only 3-5/8  x 1 inch and is as zoomable as its big brother.

All good self-defense stun guns today have built-in flashlights, e.g. the Bashlight , the Shorty, and the Gold Zoomable Stun Gun Flashlight. The Stun Baton has metal strips on the side that will also shock someone trying to take it from you, and the BadAss Metal Stun Gun can also be used as a club against your attacker. There are raised knobs on the side near the “business end” that will tear into the assailant.

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