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Slingshots and Blow Guns Can Be Effective Self-Defense Tools

Slingshots are often considered kid’s toys, though they have a long effective history. They were used by Neolthic peoples, and a slingshot was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Most know that “little” David used one to slay Goliath. Roman “sharpshooters” “fired” lead projectiles with them that have been recovered by archaeologists and metal detectorists.  In recent times, they have been considered toys. There were homemade ones, as well as commercially-made ones from companies like Wham-O.

No longer. With practice, they can bring down small game. The basic ideas and principles remain true. Hold the slingshot so that the wrist and slingshot are at a 90 degree angle. Don’t drop your arm and wrist; keep steady. Pull the pouch back as far as possible and release the pouch with all fingers at once. Practice makes perfect and builds confidence. You will know how to aim and adjust your aim. They can fire over 100 yards with practice. It must also be said that they can cause damage and are not to be taken lightly.

Blow guns can be effective for protection. Practice is also the key here. They have been used for a long, long time in almost everywhere in the world, not just among equatorial peoples. The Vikings even used blow guns, though only sparingly.  They can be sighted using one’s dominant eye. Make sure you’ve inserted the pointed end away from you! There are also paintball attachments that let you shoot paintballs.

As I’ve mentioned, practice is the key so that you know how to use these tools should the need arise. They can cause harm, so be sure they are handled carefully.


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