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Surveillance Systems Can Save Your Valuables

Awhile back, a local jewelry store was broken into and robbed of over $2,000,000 in valuable merchandise. They had no surveillance system, so there was no way to tell who the robbers were. Gold, diamonds, estate pieces; they took it all. They left behind some less expensive watches and weapons.

Years before, the owners foiled a daylight robbery from two individuals with a long robbery history. The would-be thieves were killed during the holdup, gaining the store some notoriety at the time.

The weapons did no good when no one was present to use them. The owners thought they had taken all measures they could to prevent such an occurrence.  They had no insurance, so they lost everything. Needless to say, the store closed. Lack of a surveillance system could not save their valuables.

Is lack of a surveillance system worth the risk to protecting your valuables?

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