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What is an Expandable Baton?

Expandable batons are sometimes called by other names, e.g. collapsible batons and telescopic batons. They contain three sections; the top two collapse into the largest, main shaft to make it easier to carry or conceal.

When held in the hand, butt towards you, flicking your wrist away from you makes the inner sections telescope outwards. The sections lock, forming a solid baton that is almost three times longer.

Expandable batons are made of steel and come in three sizes: they expand to 16, 21 and 26 inches in length. (Some are made of alloys, but steel is strongest.)

Law enforcement departments found expandable batons more convenient to carry than traditional one-piece batons and found there were other benefits, e.g. they are cheaper and easier to maintain than Tasers, stun guns and pepper spray.

Striking a muscular area can be painful, but hitting a bony area, such as a wrist, elbow, ribs, head, knee or collarbone can be especially effective. Hitting the head, neck or spine may be considered lethal force, so it would be wise to make sure you can justify it.

To close your expandable baton, hit the baton tip first at a perpendicular angle against a hard surface.

Some areas do have restrictions. To find out yours, click here.





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