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Woman Prevents Robbery with Her Stun Gun

In November, a New Orleans woman used her stun gun to prevent a man from stealing her bag. She was walking down a street, and a man, approaching her from behind, tried to wrests the bag from her. She pulled out her stun gun from her pocket, scaring the robber, who then ran away.

Because the lady had her stun gun with her, she prevented a robbery. There was no mention of what bag’s contents, but it’s safe believe that it contained valuables of some sort. If she hadn’t had a self-defense tool with her and tried to protect herself, the result would probably have been worse.

Just the presence of the stun gun stopped this robbery. Sometimes, showing the culprit it does work enough. There are other times, of course, when it must be used against the attacker. As with any other self-defense tool, you must be prepared to use it.

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